Shop Built Hydraulic Press

The pictures are as follows

Hyd-Press 1 Main frame before upper frame is added.

Hyd-Press 2 Crossbar under construction, showing how the 2.5" Dia x 0.5" wall x 3" long tube was implanted in the cross tube to act as a reciever for all sorts of tools.

Hyd-Press 3 shows the lower Beam. The lock handles act as stabilizers for punching operations, to assure good alignment between punch and die.

Hyd-Press 4 shows the whole press assembled, and closeups of the upper moving frame and bottle jack mount. There is a 1/2" steel plate between the 1/4" mounting plate for the jack and the crossbar.

Hyd-Press 5 Shows a detail of the main steel ram bar and the plate used to support the punch and brake tooling. This main plate is aligned to the beam with roll pins to act as alignment pins.

Hyd-Press 6 Shows the tooling to hold large greenlee chassis punches. Also shown is the 3.5" hole produced in 16 ga steel.

Hyd-Press 7 shows the tooling to hold ironworker punches. I made 2 different nuts and die shoes, since I have 2 different kinds of old ironworker dies and punches. The nuts are 1.5" x 12tpi jam nuts with a 1/4" steel disk welded to one side and machined.

Hyd-Press 8 shows the press brake die holders and the variety of tooling I have acquired and made for use with them.

Hyd-Press 9 shows the round bar bender die set.

Hyd-Press 10 Is a GIF image of the CAD drawing.

Hyd-Press 11 is a DXF version of the CAD drawing of the press.

Originally I built the press around a $35 20-ton hydraulic bottle jack I bought a short while ago. Later I picked up an air-hydraulic 20-ton bottle jack on ebay, new for about $75, including shipping.

Using the widest v-die with the pressbrake setup I can bend 1/4" x 6", or 1/2" x 3" steel hot-rolled flat bar to a 90 deg angle. Using the bar bending dies I can bend 3/4" round bar. Using the ironworker punches I can punch a 1/2" hole in 3/8" steel, which places it at around 15 real tons of punching power. The Greenlee punches work quite easily on 1/8" steel, with the largest die I currently have being 3.5" dia.

I plan to adapt an import pipe bending setup to the press.

I can easily make punch holders and die shoes for any style of punch and die I can find used. I already bought a pile of oblong sheet metal punches that I will soon adapt.

It does use a lot of air and my small compressor will soon have to be upgraded.

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